Putting The King’s Son to Rest (Maybe)

I’m trying to work my way through Writer’s Block. I’ve read a bunch of posts about how I should calm myself or go out for a walk. I’ve practiced calming techniques and told myself not to worry. The truth, however, is that I don’t think much of it is working.

My story has been closed off to me. Continue reading


I spent the week reading through my manuscript. I had been doing edits on my computer, but decided to print it off and work with it that way (with a notebook to write in as well). It was great to approach my writing through something other than typing on a keyboard and staring at a screen. It got me into the story from another direction.

But what I’ve found is that I have a lot more work to do. Continue reading

Giving Twitter a Try

As ridiculous as it may sound, I’m finally giving Twitter a try.

Now, I say “ridiculous” because it’s been around for years and, from what I can see, most of my friends have been on it from the beginning (or somewhere close to it).

The thing is that I was living abroad at that time (pretty much since 2003 actually) and the countries I was in (Korea and China) had their own versions of it. Just as a little side note, Twitter isn’t even allowed in China.

But, on the advice – or I should say persistence – of a friend, I figured it would be a good to give it a go. Because, as she put it, it’s an easy and fast way to connect with followers. Continue reading

The King’s Son, Chapter 1

I’ve spent a week writing about writing, but I haven’t actually shown any of my work. I’m not sure what the protocol is. Or if there even is protocol. But I would like to post one of my pieces today.

It’s the first chapter in the book I’m now working on: The King’s Son. Continue reading

Keep it Simple, Stupid

Today was a bit of a strange writing day. After spending the week trying to work on Chapter 1, I decided to rewrite it. It’s not that I changed the plot or the characters. I simply went back over it and wrote it with more of the original manuscript in mind.

To explain (for those of you who might not know), I wrote this book years ago, then got sidetracked with another huge story (five books, actually) that I self-published. When I came back to this one (The King’s Son), my writing had developed a lot. So I thought it was a good idea to expand upon what I had written. And that’s what I did.

But going over it again, I’ve found that it doesn’t speak to me quite like it should. I don’t feel a part of the story and the characters. I’m not in love with it. Continue reading

August 16, 2016

I don’t read blogs. Or, I should say, I don’t read blogs yet. Part of my plan on becoming a writer is to get more and more into whatever communities might help with that. Whether it’s a blog about writing tips, post-apocalyptic survival skills, or even the different characters belonging to the fantasy genre, I need to make more of an effort to see what’s out there.

I also need to start writing this blog more. I’ve said that a thousand times (probably quite literally) before. But it wasn’t until this morning that I had more of an idea of how to go about that. Continue reading