Taking a Break from My Book, The King’s Son

A few weeks ago, I stopped working on The King’s Son. I had been rewriting the third draft for close to a year and had hoped to get it done in the next couple of months, but the words became too difficult to get out. Sometimes I would sit for five hours and produce nothing more than a page or two – a few times only a paragraph or two. It was painful and unenjoyable, and I couldn’t do it anymore. Continue reading

Nanowrimo Wins by K.O.

It’s official: Nanowrimo has beaten me.

I was doing pretty well with it for a while. I was behind my word quota, but not by much. I easily could have caught up before the deadline.

But there were a few things going against me and they eventually won out. Continue reading

My Characters Audition

It occurred to me today that with each rewrite I do, I’m making my characters audition for a role in my book.

For example, in one rewrite a character may be stubborn, but in another a little less so. He/She may be inquisitive and confident, then more of a weak follower.

It isn’t that their characters completely change. But there are some differences that come out each time that I write about them.

And when I begin my final rewrite (the one before I move on to pacing and grammar), I settle upon the character I feel best fits the part and write them that way. Continue reading