Putting The King’s Son to Rest (Maybe)

I’m trying to work my way through Writer’s Block. I’ve read a bunch of posts about how I should calm myself or go out for a walk. I’ve practiced calming techniques and told myself not to worry. The truth, however, is that I don’t think much of it is working.

My story has been closed off to me. Continue reading

Nanowrimo and My Rewrite

Nanowrimo is interesting this year. I’ve decided to do a rewrite instead of a completely new story. But here’s the thing: I’m actually adding a lot of new stuff to the story I have.

I never did that before in rewrites. I tried to stick to the original manuscript as much as possible. I would focus on improving dialogue and character development. I would look for inconsistencies and errors. But I wouldn’t actually add anything to the story.

It’s new for me. Continue reading

Part One is Done

Part One of “The King’s Son” is done. It took me a lot longer than I had expected. It was also a lot more gut-wrenching. I struggled a lot. But with the support of friends and family and a particular friend/editor (Lisa, I’m so thankful for all of your help!) I was able to get through it. At least for now. I’ll still need to do another quick read-through for pacing and proofing, but the main part is done. Continue reading

Being Truthful to the Characters

I finally got through a major hurdle. I mean, I think it was a major hurdle. I had been working on the same chapter for three days. I couldn’t get it to sound exactly the way I wanted. I’m not actually sure that it is the way I wanted. But it was enough to feel comfortable sending it off to my friend to edit. Continue reading

A Rough Day

Writing has been rough today. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve changed my editing process or because my mind is on other things. Probably both. But I was only able to write 199 words in two hours. And that sucks.

I can usually write 1500 words in 40 minutes. But that’s when I’m doing my stream-of-consciousness style writing. When I edit, things are usually slower. I tend to finish a chapter a day at least, though.

That has changed. Continue reading


I spent the week reading through my manuscript. I had been doing edits on my computer, but decided to print it off and work with it that way (with a notebook to write in as well). It was great to approach my writing through something other than typing on a keyboard and staring at a screen. It got me into the story from another direction.

But what I’ve found is that I have a lot more work to do. Continue reading

Giving Twitter a Try

As ridiculous as it may sound, I’m finally giving Twitter a try.

Now, I say “ridiculous” because it’s been around for years and, from what I can see, most of my friends have been on it from the beginning (or somewhere close to it).

The thing is that I was living abroad at that time (pretty much since 2003 actually) and the countries I was in (Korea and China) had their own versions of it. Just as a little side note, Twitter isn’t even allowed in China.

But, on the advice – or I should say persistence – of a friend, I figured it would be a good to give it a go. Because, as she put it, it’s an easy and fast way to connect with followers. Continue reading