Letting It All Go

I’ve never considered myself much of an artist (drawing and painting, that is); the problem being that, even as a child, my pictures never turned out how I expected them to. It was almost as though my hand wasn’t able to do what my mind wanted. To be honest, that applied to my writing as well. I had all of these great ideas for stories in my head, but none of them would get out onto the page.

Then my ex introduced me to Nanowrimo and a new style of writing (primarily a no-holds-barred, get-it-all-out-there, forget-the-preconceived-ideas approach) came to life. I’ve decided to use that same approach to my drawings/paintings as well.

Now, every time I sit down in front of my computer (I use ArtRage, a digital art program), I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to draw. I simply let whatever is inside me come out. Continue reading