Nanowrimo Wins by K.O.

It’s official: Nanowrimo has beaten me.

I was doing pretty well with it for a while. I was behind my word quota, but not by much. I easily could have caught up before the deadline.

But there were a few things going against me and they eventually won out.

This year, I had decided to work on a rewrite instead of doing Nanowrimo like I usually do -a stream-of-consciousness type writing with absolutely no expectations.

A rewrite, however, is anything but ‘stream of consciousness’. It involves going over the story and fleshing out character development and description of the setting, adding to (or taking away from) dialogue and fixing up the voices, checking for inconsistencies and downright bad storytelling.

So, every day, while I was supposed to be focused on word count, I was more interested in getting my story sorted. And that meant putting down words and erasing them again, several times a day.

And that was definitely not a good way to reach my 50,000 word goal.

Feeling pressure to reach a daily word count wasn’t good for my rewrite, either. I understand the importance of some type of deadline. Otherwise, we could all keep writing one scene for days and days. Or even one sentence for that matter. But, in a rewrite, I think it’s more important to approach the story gently, caressing it almost (not to sound too weird) and I think that that needs to be taken with a very limited emphasis on getting 2000 words done each day.

I will also admit that a huge part of my problem is that I’ve been having a hard time getting into this rewrite (or, at least, Part Two of it. Part One is done and I’m happy with it). I just can’t seem to get myself to step back into the world I had written about. Maybe I should have taken a break after Part One. Maybe I should have written something new. But, whatever the case, again, the goal to reach a certain number of words each day wasn’t helping.

So, am I upset? Yes. I love doing Nanowrimo each year and I hate that I’m not able to finish it this time around.

Do I think it’s the end of the world? No. The reality is that another year of Nanowrimo would have simply given me another book I’d need to eventually edit. I’m already a few deep in as it is and it’s time to get to those stories to get them finished for publication. I can work on something new after that.

Well, that’s the plan. For now. It’s possible that I’ll break down and write something new. Like I said, I’m having trouble with Part Two. It might actually be a good thing to take a break from it for a while.

Might be. I’m not ready to leave it alone quite yet.

Good luck to all of you out there that are still working on your Nanowrimo stories! I’m cheering for you all.

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