A Rough Day

Writing has been rough today. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve changed my editing process or because my mind is on other things. Probably both. But I was only able to write 199 words in two hours. And that sucks.

I can usually write 1500 words in 40 minutes. But that’s when I’m doing my stream-of-consciousness style writing. When I edit, things are usually slower. I tend to finish a chapter a day at least, though.

That has changed.

Since I’m using an editor now (yes, Lisa, you are officially an editor), I’ve been going back over each chapter with her notes and completing them before moving on. It’s allowed me to fine tune a lot of the problems, find new words for repetitive ones, and settle a little more on each of the character’s personalities.

But it has slowed down the process a lot.

I’m tempted to say that that has been a good thing. The whole patience is a virtue thing comes to mind. I can teach myself to look at my writing in a new way (a more critical one) and with less pressure (as in no longer trying to finish it as quickly as possible).

Though, at the same time, I’ve lost some of the excitement I had when I used to write and edit quickly.

Editing now feels like work. It’s not the fun stuff that comes with characters that lead me on an adventure. It’s checking to see if they’ve got their weapons with them, their food prepared, the proper clothing in order.

But does it really have to be that way? Can’t I make it more enjoyable?

Like I had written in an earlier post, adding an editor (who is also a friend) has helped. But maybe it has to be more than just notes exchanged back and forth. Maybe I need to get into some dialogue (Lisa, expect a call soon!), and maybe I should add more people to the conversation (Mom and Shakes, expect a call too!).

I mean, seriously editing has to be a lot more fun than this, doesn’t it?

Hmm…maybe I need to take a step away from it all. That might help. Or maybe I need to draw some pictures of what’s going on in the story instead of using words.

Hmm…it might be time to open my sketch book, then head out for a long walk afterwards.

I’ll keep you posted on if that worked or not. Here’s hoping!

(BTW, I kind of think writing this post has helped a bit already. Writing something different as a way to get my mind off of my story? Interesting.)

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