That One Like

I cried after writing my first blog post.

I had been working on Glory for a long time and had been told that blogging would be a good way to get the word out about it. Since I had always planned on self-publishing (no publishing house was going to look at a 300,000 word book from a first time author), I knew I had had to do some promotion myself.

The blog post was exactly about that: that I had finished my book and was trying to get it out there. I honestly think I had finished it that day. It was before I even started the editing process.

I had no idea what to expect. I had never written a blog before. I hadn’t read many either. So I had thought that maybe I was going to write something that no one was ever going to see.

But I went ahead with it anyway. I wrote my post. I posted it. And two minutes later I received an email that said “So-and-so likes your post”.

That’s what made me cry.

I was overwhelmed with finishing the book I had written. I was lost in regards to really knowing what my next few steps were going to be. And that one ‘like’ affected me.

It made me think that maybe things were going to be possible with my writing. That I might be able to give it a real go. After all, one person liked my writing. Who was to say that more wouldn’t follow?

More did follow. Maybe not enough to become a full time writer (which is actually what I have been for the past year…but that has been from living off of savings and the help of friends and family – a story that is better saved for another time.) But there were people out there who liked what I did.

So, yes, that one ‘like’ really affected me and I won’t ever forget it.

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