I spent the week reading through my manuscript. I had been doing edits on my computer, but decided to print it off and work with it that way (with a notebook to write in as well). It was great to approach my writing through something other than typing on a keyboard and staring at a screen. It got me into the story from another direction.

But what I’ve found is that I have a lot more work to do.

Every page is filled with red (the colour of pen I’ve chosen to use, even though I was told that I should use something a bit less harsh). There are notes about character development, dialogue, description. I’ve seen things I need to take out of the story. And others that I need to put in.

But the thing I’ve found most is that I need to expand upon it all.

When I first wrote it (“it” being The King’s Son), it was the first time I had tried a stream-of-consciousness type writing. I had allowed everything inside me to come out without question or edit. And what I created was a story that was written in short bursts.

Since I came back to that story (I took a few years off to write my first self-published set of books, Glory), I thought the writing needed to be improved upon (which it did). So I added several new details. I expanded A LOT.

But I think I expanded in the wrong places.

I wrote more. More ideas. More dialogue.

Yet I didn’t write more about any one particular idea. I didn’t expand upon Peter’s feelings toward his father. I didn’t explain how Bersog felt to be made the leader of the group. I didn’t get into how the baby reacted to what was going on around her. At least I didn’t do those things in enough detail.

So, yes, I have to expand.

I’m actually looking forward to it. It’s going to give me a greater understanding of the characters; as it will a greater appreciation of them. It’s going to slow down the storytelling so it doesn’t feel like I’m rushing through point after point. It’s going to give everything more layers, and deeper ones.

I will add, though, that I don’t think it’s going to be easy. My writing is going to be a lot slower now that I’m trying to get into all of the smaller details and intricacies.

But it will be better.

Then, after that, I’ll go through it once more to work on pacing.

And, hopefully, after that, I’ll publish it.

Oh, speaking of that, I think I may only publish Part One. It’s going to be around 50,000 words (a little less than a book from a first time author). But I’ve been working on the whole story such a long time, I’d like to finally get it out there. I’ll work on Part Two straight after.

Now I have two days of rest before I get to any of that.

Note to self: Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax.

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