Up North

My venue has changed: I’m up North.

I’ve come up to my dad’s house to finish my book. I’ll be here for the next five or six weeks. That should give me more than enough time (I hope).

Most of that time, I’ll be alone. My dad and his wife are going away for a few weeks vacation. And neighbours usually only come up on the weekends. He’s far enough away from the nearest town for there to be no one else around (aside from the few construction workers that are building a few new cottages nearby).

So, yes, I’ll be alone.

Ever spend a few weeks on your own? I mean, absolutely on your own? It’s an interesting experience, for sure. And one I’d recommend.

It’s a time to get a lot of thinking done. A hell of a lot of thinking. And that thinking is clearer, it’s louder, and sometimes more disturbing than thinking that happens in a place filled with distractions.

It’s honest thinking. It’s blunt. Deep.

For me, though, once I get through it, I’m better for it.

I’m speaking from experience. I’ve spent a lot of time up here alone. I’ve even come up during the winter. -20 degree weather. Snow. A frozen lake. No animals, aside from a few squirrels and coyotes. A silence so intense it can be deafening.

But, yes, once I get through it, I’m better for it.

So for the next several weeks, I’ll write about my experience up here. I’ll still keep you posted on my writing (which, by the way, I got a lot done today and have come up with a huge discovery that I’ll write more about tomorrow), but a lot will get into my thoughts and the struggles I’m trying to work through.

I have a feeling this blog is about to get a lot more personal.


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