Trying to Figure out Where I’m Headed (in the First Chapter)

Damn, today was not a good writing day. I’m getting too bogged down by comparing the rewrite of The King’s Son to the original manuscript and wondering if I’m being true to the story or not. And I’m only on the first chapter! 

The problem is that in my rewrite, I expanded the story by A LOT. I added dialogue and character development that I think has improved the story. At the same time, I think it may have taken away from the original.

Bersog (the main character in the first chapter) was nothing more than a man who made one decision to leave a member of their group to die. Now I have him contemplating life, thinking about his family, struggling with that decision. It’s all a bit too much.

Plus, I have him in conversation with his best friend (who wasn’t in the original). Actually, it’s more of an argument. And that brings about its own set of developments. Developments I might not want the story to get into.


Okay, deep breath.

I need to think this through logically. Who is Bersog? What’s his role in the whole story? Do I need to get into his thoughts as deeply as I do? Do they have any bearing on what happens next? Or is it all just a little exposure into his thoughts for the reader to understand his dilemma?

I’m tempted to say I don’t truly know any of the answers to these questions at the moment. But really I probably do.

Bersog isn’t a major character. But someone in his family is. The things he thinks doesn’t truly affect that major character in his family. It doesn’t truly affect the story, either. It’s nice to be able to see that Bersog and his men are just that: men. They’re normal people who are doing something extraordinary. And being out of their depth might be reason enough to get into his doubts.

Hmm. Definitely stuff to think about.

Thanks for the chat!

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