Today was a bit of a strange day. Actually, I guess it really started sometime last night. I was thinking about my writing and wasn’t all that happy with it. Yesterday, I had thought that it might have been because of my fears of not being able to produce something I loved as much as my first book. But then I realized that it was something more than that: I didn’t love this book as much as my first one.

The truth is that I wrote The King’s Son (the book I’m working on now) BEFORE I wrote Glory (the book I’m considering my first since I’ve already finished and self-published it). That was over four years ago. Since then, I have rewritten practically ALL of it. The story itself hasn’t changed. But I’ve developed the characters, added to the dialogue, improved the overall cohesion. Actually, I took the book from 47,000 words and made it 108,000. That’s a big jump!

And in that jump I noticed something I haven’t loved: there’s too much.

When I write, I usually stick to the point. My chapters are relatively short (around 1500 words) and my writing is fast. I don’t spend a lot of time on long sentences. I don’t use much description (which is strange because people tell me they get vivid images while reading my work).

But in my rewrite of The King’s Son, I think I abandoned a lot of that for a fuller, more developed book (whatever that means). And it’s not a style of writing that speaks to me.

So I’ve decided to go back to the beginning and start this edit again. More than that, I’ve decided to try to step back into that world and write from that perspective instead of one of an editor’s (which I consider to be more of an overseer). I need to write the way I like to write. I need to tell a story the way I’d like to hear it. Ultimately, I need to be true to myself and my creation.

To help with that, I’ve made a few changes to my routine. I’ve decided to no longer write at Starbucks. I feel like I can close myself off better in my room and write from there. I’ve also downloaded a bunch of music I listened to when I wrote the original manuscript all those years ago. For those of you who don’t know what music I listen to (and for those of you who care), I always write to Dark Ambient. It pretty much sounds like the soundtrack of a horror film and gets me right where I need to be. Some artists are New Risen Throne, Svartsinn, and Cities Last Broadcast, if you’re interested.

I HAVE stuck with the green tea, though. That seems to be working fine.


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