This Time: Struggling With WHAT I Write, Not HOW I Write It

While I wrote Glory, I was excited. There was action, suspense, horror. There were characters that I loved and others that I despised (although in some way I loved them too). It was something I knew, as a reader, I would’ve loved to read.

But I was also worried. I wrote about some very serious situations. I got into some very dark themes. And I wondered how people were going to judge me for it.

That I was teaching kindergarten at the time didn’t help. Continue reading

Tapping into the Darkness

A few days ago I had the realization that I needed to keep my story simple. I had complicated it by adding conversations, character development, history, and description. That’s not to say that those things aren’t important to some extent. But they didn’t need to be where I had put them or as much as I had.

The thing is that I like keeping things short and to the point. I get excited by my economy of words. I feel a rush as the story moves quickly. And, with that, it makes writing feel more like a passion than a chore.

But yesterday I had another realization about my passion for writing. It involves tapping into the darkness. Continue reading

Up North

My venue has changed: I’m up North.

I’ve come up to my dad’s house to finish my book. I’ll be here for the next five or six weeks. That should give me more than enough time (I hope). Continue reading

The King’s Son, Chapter 1

I’ve spent a week writing about writing, but I haven’t actually shown any of my work. I’m not sure what the protocol is. Or if there even is protocol. But I would like to post one of my pieces today.

It’s the first chapter in the book I’m now working on: The King’s Son. Continue reading

A Regular Day Off (That I Didn’t Completely Enjoy)

I took the day off of writing yesterday. That means I didn’t work on my book. I didn’t work on my blog. And I’m not sure how I feel about that. Continue reading

A Chat with a Friend

Today was a bit of a strange day. I woke up feeling really good. Which was in huge contrast to how I was feeling yesterday. But, even with that, I couldn’t get myself to focus on my writing. Not at first.

There was a strange buzz in my head, almost a cloud of sorts (not the type that come with my migraines…which I’ll explain another time). It was similar to the feeling I got when I sat down and binge watched the first season of Lost. My mind was racing. Continue reading