The Day I Turned Bad

When I was younger I was a good student. A great student even. I used to study hard. I used to apply myself. And I used to like it. But one day all of that changed. And, believe it or not, I can remember the exact moment it happened. Continue reading

And on into Vanishing Pond

A while ago, I wrote a blog entry called “Paddling with Dad”. In it I talked about the canoe trips my father and I used to take, and I explained his philosophy of always wanting to travel in a loop instead of going back the way we came so that we could always see new things. I had also mentioned that on one of those trips we had nearly died, and I had said that I’d save that story for another time. Well, that time is now. Continue reading

For My Lover

I know as well as she does that things aren’t going to work out for us. Even more so. She stands there looking at me, eyes wide, jaw dropped, as though I will tell her what to do next and that we’ll get out of this. My mouth remains closed.

Phillip is on the ground beside our feet. His eyes are wide and his mouth opened too. Though in death, not in fear. The gun that had killed him is still in my hands.

“We could say it was self-defense,” she says.

“They won’t believe that,” I say.

“We could say he came up here and attacked us.”

“They won’t believe it.” Continue reading