Letting It All Go

I’ve never considered myself much of an artist (drawing and painting, that is); the problem being that, even as a child, my pictures never turned out how I expected them to. It was almost as though my hand wasn’t able to do what my mind wanted. To be honest, that applied to my writing as well. I had all of these great ideas for stories in my head, but none of them would get out onto the page.

Then my ex introduced me to Nanowrimo and a new style of writing (primarily a no-holds-barred, get-it-all-out-there, forget-the-preconceived-ideas approach) came to life. I’ve decided to use that same approach to my drawings/paintings as well.

Now, every time I sit down in front of my computer (I use ArtRage, a digital art program), I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to draw. I simply let whatever is inside me come out.

And, because of that, I’ve been able to tap into a new creative outlet…and, I think, come up with some cool things.

For example (yikes, that sounds technical!), yesterday I wanted to do something with watercolours. I chose black and started filling the page. Then I switched to white and saw something begin to form.

Self Portrait

It wasn’t until I was half-way done that I realized it was a self-portrait…or a certain kind of one. I understand that most people won’t see what I do in it. They might not even enjoy it. But the point is simply that sometimes we need to let go of any of our thoughts and see what happens.

I like this painting a lot. And, in the end, it’s the enjoyment I get out of my work that is most important. For all of us.

So, keep painting, drawing, writing, singing, or whatever it is that you do to let those creative ideas out! And don’t ever fight against them for being able to do so.

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