(Not Really) Whistling While I Work

As writers, we all have our own writing process. Some of us like to write in crowded rooms, while others like the comfort of a room closed off to the rest of the world. There are morning writers and evening writers; even midnight writers who have trouble falling asleep unless they get a few more words out onto the page. And there are those who need complete silence and those who listen to music.

Of course, most of us are a combination of any of these.

Personally, I like to write in the morning, but I have no trouble working at other times of the day. Likewise, I usually write in my bedroom with the door closed, though I often go to a coffee shop as well.

The one thing that remains constant – and somewhat of a necessity – is my music. I always throw in my earphones before I write. What’s more, I always choose the same style of music: scary.

Let me give it a better description.

It falls somewhere under the ambient category – dark ambient, to be exact. There are a lot of long drawn-out notes, eerie static, and no discernable beat at all. If anything, it sounds like it comes out of a horror film.

To give you an even better understanding I thought I’d post some of the music I listen to.

The first is a song called The Gate by Xela. He was actually the first person I came across who did this type of music. I forget what I was searching for when I found him, but he set me off on a quest to find more artists that do this type of thing.

I found Robert Rich a little later, though he has actually been at it a lot longer than Xela. His style of music spans a broad range of electronica, though I focus more on his creepy stuff.

Cities Last Broadcast is another group that I love to listen to. It’s more of the same screechy scary stuff that sends chills down the spine, but there’s something calming about it also.

Finally, there is New Risen Throne. I’ve probably listened to this music the most. It also seems to be the scariest of the lot. This is the song called Loneliness.

And that’s it.

Well, not exactly. There are a lot more artists out there that I’d love to talk about, but I’m pretty sure that this gives you a good idea of what I like to listen to.

You know, part of me wishes that I could say that I listen to rock or folk – something a little more “normal” – while I write, but this is honestly the type of music that speaks to me most. It’s definitely what helps me step into my imagination.

It’d be great to find out what types of music you like to listen to. Or if you even like to listen to it at all.

That’s what’s great about the writing process: it’s different for everyone.

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