My First Book

The other day I was looking through some of my things in the basement and I came upon a book I wrote in Grade Four. It’s a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure called “World War Three.” And it’s one of the few things that I hope to keep with me for the rest of my life.

Every time I look through it’s pages, I can’t help but smile. The theme is somewhat serious and there are some violent parts (hence its name), but there’s an innocence about it, also. I like the choices that you (as the reader) have to make and the way the story develops based on those choices. I like the characters and the drawings. But, more than anything, I like that I wrote it at nine years old.

I’m not going to bore you with the whole story because I’m sure that most of it is enjoyable only to myself and a few close friends and family. But, there are a few pages that I’m going to put up. They’re definitely the ones I find most interesting.


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Finding My (Blogging) Voice

When I sit down to write a story, the words seem to spill out of me. I don’t fight them. I don’t try to change them. They simply fill the page. That hasn’t been the case with my blog entries. I have found it difficult to write them. So much so that I takes days, even weeks, in between posts.

It isn’t that I don’t want to write. I do. I think this blog can be a great way to get out to the public to exchange ideas and promote my writing. The problem is that every time I sit down to write something I start to stress about how others will perceive it. Or, better yet, perceive me. I worry about how I might come off if I say what’s really on my mind, all of the time.

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Barry the Beetle

Yesterday, I posted Part One of my short story Barry the Beetle. At first, I thought that I would split it into parts so that it would be easier for the reader to handle instead of putting such a long read all at once. The truth, though, is that I think I was worried about posting it all because it’s the first short story I will have ever shown to the public and I didn’t know what the reaction would be (if any). I thought it would be best if I stepped into it bit by bit.

I suppose that this fear is one of the greatest challenges to an author, but it’s one that I’m going to have to get over. I need to get into this with all that I can and put what I’ve written out there. So,¬†I’ve decided to post the whole of my story. I apologize¬†for not posting it all yesterday. I’m somewhat of a work-in-progress. I hope you’ll bear with me.

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s the story of a beetle named Barry who comes across an evil ladybug. It’s a fable for adults with an interesting moral (and twist). I really hope that you enjoy it. Of course, feedback is always great, so feel free to give it.

So, here is it: Barry the Beetle.

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Step Three: Editing…Uh, I mean, Editing?

Edits on my first draft.

For the past couple of weeks, I have stopped myself from working on my book to give myself a bit of a break from it. That hasn’t meant that I’ve been able to stop myself from thinking about it, though. I think about the plot threads and settings, characters and their dialogues. Then, I start to wonder if there’s anything I can do to improve them. Or, better yet, make them perfect.

This is where I become conflicted.

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Pedro the Horse

I’ve decided to venture off a little bit and talk about myself instead of my writing. I’m going to tell the story about my experience with Pedro the Horse. That isn’t actually his name. I can’t remember what he was called. But it’s how I will always remember him, based on an inside joke that I won’t get into here. No one aside from myself and a few others would find it all that funny, anyway.

So, Pedro…oh, Pedro…

This is Pedro the Horse and me chillin’.

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The Writing Process

These are the three things I need when I sit down to write.

The writing process is different for everyone. Some people like to wake up early and write until lunch while others like to start late at night and finish when they’re ready to go to bed. Many listen to music while they’re writing, though there are probably just as many who don’t. And, of course, there are those who choose to use a computer and those who stick with pen and paper. At the end of it all, there’s no one particular way that’s best for writing. It all depends on the writer. All that’s important is getting the words out onto the page.

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