Step Two: Walk Away

As emotions and ideas continue to whirl around inside me, I realize that it isn’t the best idea to try to take my book any further at the moment.

I had looked into query letters, but they stressed me out. This was mainly because I found out that most agents won’t accept a 300,000-word manuscript from a first-time author. They want something much smaller, no bigger than 150,000 words.

Because of this, I thought about splitting my book into five parts (which is how I have written it) and get them published as individual novellas. I had even thought about putting them online, one by one, to try to build a following.

Then, I wondered if I shouldn’t split my book into a trilogy. That would definitely be easier to sell to an agent. It would also be easier to ask some of my friends to look over. Though, that would involve mixing the five parts of my book together in a way that made sense and didn’t lose the interest of the reader, and that wouldn’t be easy.

Or if I could always keep it as it is.

I didn’t know.

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Step One: The Aftermath

As I wrote the last few words of my story down onto my computer, I felt a moment of calm. I had finished a story that had taken a year to write. The characters had done what they had set out to do. The plot came to, what I thought of, as a great ending. And there was nothing more that I wanted to do with it. I took a few deep breaths and waited, staring at the computer screen. The last line glared back.

It was perfect.

But, before I knew it, my calm was replaced by other emotions – a whole bunch of them.

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Finished Writing My First Novel…Now What?

I have never thought really of myself as a writer, but I am someone who likes to write. Recently, I even went so far as to quit my job, move home, and spend a year finishing off my 300,000 word manuscript. So, yeah, maybe I am a writer. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.

Now that I am ready to get my book out there, I have to become a marketer, a publicist, a sales person; and that was on top of already becoming a proof-reader and an editor. It can all be somewhat overwhelming.

I have absolutely no idea about how to get my book to an agent/publisher. And, to be honest, I don’t even know if that’s the route that I want to take; especially when self-publishing is such an easy option. But, these are the things that I need to think about. And they are things that I wasn’t necessarily prepared for when I started this whole thing.

So, where do I begin?

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